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Ciptor Benelux is located in Schietboomstraat 33, 2260 Zoerle-Parwijs (Westerlo).

The following terms and conditions govern the use of WEBSHOP.CIPTOR-BENELUX.COM, managed by Ciptor Benelux. This web-based platform is created and managed for Ciptor Benelux.

Ciptor Benelux is doing everything possible to ensure access to WEBSHOP.CIPTOR-BENELUX.COM (through its domain names) 24/7. WEBSHOP.CIPTOR-BENELUX.COM may be temporarily unavailable, especially for maintenance, site problems or other technical reasons. Please notify us when experiencing access problems on

Ciptor Benelux does everything it can to guarantee a problem free functioning of WEBSHOP.CIPTOR-BENELUX.COM, but can nevertheless not be held liable for any inaccuracies or omissions in the content.

By using WEBSHOP.CIPTOR-BENELUX.COM each user accepts the terms of use as described in this disclaimer and will do everything needed to comply with them.

If any provision of these terms of use would not be applicable, or would be contrary to a mandatory provision of law, this non-validity or non-applicability of the other provisions will result.

Intellectual Property

WEBSHOP.CIPTOR-BENELUX.COM and functionalities thereof are the exclusive property of  Ciptor Benelux.
WEBSHOP.CIPTOR-BENELUX.COM is protected by intellectual property rights. It is not allowed to copy elements (text, images, layout, logos, software, tools, ...) of this platform in part or in whole to reproduce, distribute, modify or communicate to the public. Any reproduction, distribution, modification or public communication of one or more elements of WEBSHOP.CIPTOR-BENELUX.COM should be subject to the prior express written consent of Ciptor Benelux, unless expressly specified that such authorization is not required.

Ciptor Benelux holds  the right to modify or delete the content of this website at any time, without prior warning to users of this site.

Ciptor Benelux can not be held liable for damage that would be caused by, or arising from the use of WEBSHOP.CIPTOR-BENELUX.COM. Ciptor Benelux can not be held liable for damages related to consulting WEBSHOP.CIPTOR-BENELUX.COM or probles raise by an inability to visit one or all of the web pages of WEBSHOP.CIPTOR-BENELUX.COM

Processing of the personal data of visitors and users

Ciptor Benelux guarantees the observance of the law of December 8, 1992 regarding the privacy of personal data used.

Usage Information

Ciptor Benelux notes in particular that:

1. (personal) data, documents and image files can be exchanged at Ciptor Benelux can not simply be viewed and / or moved through WEBSHOP.CIPTOR-BENELUX.COM;

2. The processing of all (personal) data, documents and image files on the platform(s) of WEBSHOP.CIPTOR-BENELUX.COM are performed in-house and with adequate access control;

3. The storage and transmission of all (personal) data, documents and image files generated by visiting  WEBSHOP.CIPTOR-BENELUX.COM, can only be reviewed by the selected recipient, organization or its designated official;

4. There is a guarantee for the preservation of all (personal) data, documents and image files that can be exchanged via WEBSHOP.CIPTOR-BENELUX.COM , on a secure server for the duration of the delivered document;

5. The contents of all (personal) data, documents and image files which can be exchanged via WEBSHOP.CIPTOR-BENELUX.COM, can only be changed by a registered user. It is up to each user to provide the correct information.

Ciptor Benelux does everything in it’s possibilities to avoid errors, but can in no way guarantee the accuracy of the abovementioned (personal) data, documents and files. Ciptor Benelux can not be held liable in any way for the inaccessibility of WEBSHOP.CIPTOR-BENELUX.COM, nor for possible malfunctions, interruptions or errors that occur on WEBSHOP.CIPTOR-BENELUX.COM or the server.

Ciptor Benelux is not responsible for any temporary or permanent damage to the data or computer equipment of the user while accessing the website.

Ciptor Benelux is not liable for the fraudulent use of WEBSHOP.CIPTOR-BENELUX.COM.

Ciptor Benelux disclaims all liability relating to any intrusion into its computer systems and theft of data that might result therefrom, by hand. However Ciptor Benelux puts all appropriate methods to prevent unauthorized intrusion.

Links to Other Sites

WEBSHOP.CIPTOR-BENELUX.COM may contain links to other websites. Ciptor Benelux can not guarantee that these web sites observe a privacy policy which follows the Belgian Privacy Act of December 8, 1992 on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data. We therefore advise users to check this yourself by consulting the privacy clause that must appear on each website.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

All disputes related to or arising from (the use of) WEBSHOP.CIPTOR-BENELUX.COM will be exclusively subject to Belgian law. All disputes arising between Ciptor Benelux and the user will be submitted to Antwerp to the courts, which have jurisdiction in respect only.

However Ciptor Benelux reserves the right to any user at any time, unilaterally and without prior notice to partially or completely deny access to the web platform, particularly in case of a clear breach of these conditions by the user.

If you can not agree with the contents of these terms and conditions, your only option is to stop using the website WEBSHOP.CIPTOR-BENELUX.COM as an agreement with the use conditions is implied by continuing to use the website.


The archiving of electronic documents is done following the various regulations contained in the Belgian law and is done in a similar manner as for paper files. Only authorized officials can modify published data and / or request their removal, sending an official e-mail or letter to Ciptor Benelux.


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